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Privacy Policy

This blog is published by Dalton Firth Limited and hosted by Google Blogger.

Google's privacy policy for Blogger is available here.

In addition, a visitor counter operated by Dalton Firth Limited embeds an image in the blog page in order to provide visitor statistics such as the number of visitors, pages viewed and visits from unique IP addresses.

We don't sell or share personal information or raw visitor data with any other organisation.
Visitor data is used in-house for statistical purposes, which may include tracing the originating network for some visitors in order to understand how automated processes (robots) scan our content.  We compile and publish rolled-up non-identifiable statistics such as browser type, location etc in our web trends survey.

We do not attempt to contact readers with marketing messages.

Our full privacy policy is available here.

Briefly, our server logs may store your IP address and other technical data sent by your web browser. In addition, a browser cookie is set in order to establish what parts of our site are popular.  Logs are stored for a brief window to enable us to monitor the performance and popularity of pages on this blog before deletion. We never attempt to contact individual visitors.

Such statistic gathering is commonplace across most blogs and news agencies.  Dalton Firth Limited does not share raw data gathered with any other organisation.  Anonymous rolled-up statistics are periodically published on this blog.  Data is anonymised as soon as is practicable and no personally identifiable information is gathered or stored.

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