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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Bastard of Convenity

Empirically it is clear we can have incredible convenience, or we can have tight digital security, but not both.

This bastard of convenity - the child of security and convenience - sets a maximum for (security + convenience) and is a function of time.

When a new technology comes along, eg HTTPS, we can have security and convenience - but only for a brief period...

.. Because a high convenity factor prompts wide adoption.

Wide adoption piques the interest of governments, corporations and others wishing to exert control.

One way or another over time the security is circumvented.

Whether by legislation governing its use/deployment - ie the technology becomes bastardised at the behest of incumbent power - or by further advances in technology rendering the security obsolete, convenity drops off over time.

We can have security, or convenience, but not both; at least not over a sustained period in time.

Well, at least that's my premise!


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