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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Wonder what happened to this guy who beat the Olympic sponsor lock-down?

Three weeks ago (yes, with a little boy and 2.5 businesses my blog turnaround time has been hit hard) I happened to be in Newquay as the Olympic torch passed through on day 1 of the torch relay.

The shrieking Samsung sponsor bus as the
Olympic torch passed through Newquay
For those who haven't (yet?) seen the torch, I was struck by the procession of blaring sponsor vehicles preceding the flame.

I quite enjoyed seeing the actual torch handover, but on seeing the procession and hearing the squawking sponsor girls geeing the crowd with their offer of "free mementos" (e.g. a one-sided union flag with SAMSUNG on the reverse) I remember thinking, "what on earth is this utter bollocks?"

Intruder!! Olympic sponsor lock-down breached by a man on a pedal trike
What cheered my pounding head enough to cut through the mild hangover due to Saturday being day 2 of Mr Farrar's stag weekend was this guy. A local businessman, who had somehow inserted himself between the bright red Coca-Cola sponsor bus and the United Nations-blue SAMSUNG bus on a pedal powered trike, towing an advertising board for the St. Eval kart circuit.

But fear not, taxpayers of the United Kingdom worried that this stunt may have damaged the ability of LOCOG to extract maximum revenue from commercial sponsors, thereby increasing substantially the cost to the taxpayer of the London 2012 Olympic Games... (Crap, I'm sure there is a law against uttering these words...)
Cops gave chase!

The police gave pursuit!

In front of these motorcycle cops sped a police officer on a pedal cycle, shouting "Oi! Oi! Oi!" at the man on the trike.

I thought for a minute, what with my fuzzy hangover and all, I had somehow volunteered myself as an extra in a sitcom.  I hadn't laughed so much since we covered the stag in honey and birdseed and left him to the seagulls.

Flame handed over safely!
The good news is the flame was handed over without further hitch, and we all went back to the pub to toast the stag, the torch, and the man on a trike.


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