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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Whilst I'm still struggling to find a way to keep Open Digital staffed I'm making some progress on the personal front.

I need a job since there's now very little prospect of a salary from Open Digital in the near future and I've invested all my spare cash getting it going.

Lots of people have been in touch with potential job offers, please keep them coming as it's a matter of finding a tolerant employer happy for me to continue my public advocacy in my spare time if Open Digital is to survive at all.

I've also now started writing a weekly blog at Computerworld UK.

Although after 2 years SRoC was well read and, so I discovered, by some influential people; I hope moving my writing there will help get issues raised with a different audience and might help the rescue package I'm trying to cobble together for Open Digital.  Hopefully more on this later.

That's about all for now.  You can read my first post over at Computerworld:

Why the end of Consumer Focus is a blow to UK tech policy

When a government in the midst of a cuts agenda releases a report entitled Empowering and Protecting Consumers, you just know it will not be good news for under-empowered and unprotected consumers in the cut-throat utilities sector. 
I imagine the report might have started life as a memo: ‘make a case for getting rid of these meddling windbags’.
What many people, even those in the tech sector, perhaps don’t appreciate is the role Consumer Focus plays in batting for sense in UK tech policy. 
Consumer Focus is not Big Government. It’s a safeguard against unavoidable monopolies in the utilities sector, including Internet Service Providers. It fights largely from behind the scenes, pushing back against many of the self-interested demands of tech lobbyists.

>> Read the full post >>


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