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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Thanks and goodbye - the end of 2 years of SRoC

Thanks for all who've helped and supported us over the last 2 years on SRoC and the last year at Open Digital.

Sadly I can't fund this blog or Open Digital any more so the projects are on hold - indefinitely.

Whilst some mock blogging, many of the stories on here - some I have broken way ahead of mainsteam media - take days and sometimes weeks of research and networking with tech cos, attending events and meetings in parliament, etc.

Whilst it's never over till the hard disks are wiped and the organisation is liquidised the financial reality is that I can't put any more time into SRoC or Open Digital until I can make it pay.

If anyone's interested - I earned £1.71 from running adverts on this blog for a week, a week with 5k unique hits when I published 5 original posts.  Whilst I believe a digital publishing correction is due, the money is clearly aimed at social puff over substance and one just can't survive on £1.71 a week.

I have mouths to feed and my public CV is here if anyone wants to hire me:

Sorry it's been so brief. Whilst I'm sure there are many out there funding work towards ethical data policy I have not managed to get any of it to flow in our direction.

We all have to eat; and, sadly, as I have written many times over, policy follows the money.

Bye - for now at least,


UPDATE: 17:57 - I am just moved by the massive votes of support via email, twitter, G+ etc, and the 2 Flattr donations I didn't even ask for.  Also the multiple suggestions - some of which might see me continuing to write here or elsewhere. More relatively soon on that, hopefully.  I'm also considering what could be a decent job offer that could see some time allowed for side projects like this. It means so much to see people appreciate what I've done here and at Open Digital, even though it may not work commercially; support from so many quarters.


  1. Sorry to hear that, yours has been a really great blog on the subject. Thanks for all the articles, and best of luck finding a paying job.

  2. James, well done and I do hope you reappear in the blogosphere sooner rather than later!

    Like Ian Grant at br0kent3l3ph0n3.wordpress.com you have provided a genuine service and will be sorely missed.


  3. Very sad to hear this, but it sounds as though your hand was forced.

    All the very best for the future - whatever it brings! :-)

  4. Absolutely devastated, your site was my first stop to catch up every now and again with all the pernicious threats to net freedom in the UK, and get a clear view of the latest machinations, a great loss - but hopefully you'll continue this role somehow, somewhere.


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