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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Opening the doors - want to write about digital policy and related issues on SROC?

Want to write on this blog?

I started SROC nearly 2 years ago as a successor to Software Pysche after my posts got less about software and more about digital policy - and politics in general.

Since then I co-founded the Open Digital Policy Organisation and spend a lot more of my time working on digital policy issues in various settings.

The upshot - I have less time to blog on here.

Since the site now averages around 20k page views a month it seems rude not to use the audience built up over 2 years in some way.

So if you're interested, send me a pitch (eg link an example of your writing, tell me about your interest in net policy etc) via email to editorial@slightlyrightofcentre.com


User account: if I like your pitch, get a Blogger account and I'll grant contributor rights; it's as simple as that. You can then post what you want, when you want, within the guidelines below.

Legal/editorial: since my company is legally responsible for the blog I will retain editorial control by way of post-moderating any posts which raise serious legal issues, but I promise not to interfere in style. Please avoid risking libel until the UK's libel laws are fixed. If you think an issue could have legal implications I'd be grateful if you check before sending it live.

Topic, style and quality: I don't think personal confrontation achieves much by way of value so if you're wanting to write in order to launch a forthright attack at a person or organisation then thanks, but no thanks.  Criticism is of course fine but it must be reasoned and add value.  If a post is seriously bad, dull or way off topic I reserve the right to pull it.  Occasional off topic is fine but I'd like to stick to a digital policy theme.

Adult content: I have no problem with tackling any relevant issue but please avoid gratuitous use of language.   In discussing issues around porn I've faced an uphill battle keeping this blog off adult content block lists and it doesn't help my case if posts are riddled with inappropriate strong language.  If you need to do so for a direct quote that's fine.

Copyright: you retain the copyright in your contribution (but note this blog is currently published under a Creative Commons 3.0 unported license, CC-BY. If you have issues we could look at this).  You can withdraw posts at any time.  Yes I know copyright law is an arse but please do not infringe other people's copyright by way of posting images etc without legal justification (fair dealing under UK law).

Profit share(!): the blog doesn't carry advertising, but that's not a hard rule. In the unlikely event it ever makes money I'll divide the profit made in any period by the number of page views, then pay cash pro-rata on your posts in that period.

In the extremely unlikely event the blog is ever sold HuffPo style (I can dream, can't I?) I'll divide the profit through by the all time number of page views and pay cash pro-rata on your contributions.

 - If either of the last too unlikely events occurred I reserve the right to ask you to think about donating a portion to worthwhile digital causes!!


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