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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Live tweets from Ed Vaizey round table on content protection and web blocking

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Update: I now have a write up of the meeting here, and there's another report on the Open Rights Group blog.

We got some transparency today of the ongoing meetings between Minister "for the internet" Ed Vaizey and rights holders, ISPs and other stakeholders on the subject of content protection (copyright) and web blocking.

The meeting was useful, but towards the end became dominated by a discussion over openness and whether the exposure brought through live blogging was appropriate. It was clear there was plenty of hostility towards my presence and that of Jim Killock from the Open Rights Group.

I put the view of Open Digital that public policy should not be developed in private, but we were willing to compromise if, for example, the discussion was not focussed on new laws.  If the purpose of the meeting was exploratory, we would support Chatham House Rules, where we were free to talk about the topics discussed but not identify the particular participant raising the issue.

Anyway, I don't have time to do this justice in a blog, so for now here's my live tweets (please excuse spelling, etc.  If you have a serious issue with anything tweeted I will offer a [short] right of reply right here in the main blog).


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