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Friday, 16 December 2011

Facebook Timeline removal?

Update: see more analysis on the Open Digital blog and a follow-up explaining where my privacy concerns lie: it's all about choice & control.

If any of these statements is wrong, or you have any extra info, please comment below.

1. Once enabled, the Facebook Timeline feature can't be removed.  Well I can't seem to remove it.
2. Once enabled, you do get a window of 7 days to "manage" your timeline, but I've got thousands of posts.  Why the strict 7-day deadline? Why not have an indefinite period to publish?
3. Yes, Facebook provides the option to set all old posts to "friends only" but what if I want to remove all old posts, or at least set the visibility to "only me" on all old posts?  Why am I forced to make my digital exhaust available to all at a minimum to all my friends?



  1. ‎1. Correct! You cant remove it once enabled.

    2. Probably so you don't just leave it forever, it's currently opt-in, but in a few weeks/months it'll be a global roll out.

    3. You can, the option you want is "Remove From Timeline", you can do... it on a per post basis, or globally across posts matching certain criteria.

    Not sure I like Timeline to be honest and I certainly don't like being forced to use it with no alternative of using the older view.

    I suppose it does make it easier to go back and check for photos and details from a certain event.


  2. The ONLY solution out there to Remove or Delete the Facebook Timeline:


  3. @Vectorash - ha! Good one, thanks for sharing that. You are right, the only way to remove timeline seems to be move to a different social network!

  4. I think its rubbish, I dont want everyone looking at my entire history, I think it should be scrapped altogether or banned


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