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Friday, 28 October 2011

We don't need *a* Public Data Corporation, we need a plurality of competing Public Data Corporations

From the Open Digital Policy Blog:

Yesterday we submitted evidence (pdf) to the Government's consultationData Policy for a Public Data Corporation
The idea from government seems to be (phase 1) create a Public Data Corporation; (phase 3) profit.   

Our submission outlines many of the secondary benefits to free and open public data. 
I then argue that the idea behind an investment-led approach to public data is flawed
To solve many of the problems I propose encouraging the establishment of many Public Data Corporations, with input data sets being available to any qualifying organisation, and a series of public subsidies paid on a per-megabyte basis for data served.  Competition should make the Public Data Corporations lean and cost effective, helping the Government serve free and open data cost effectively.  Plus, a per-megabyte subsidy should reward services with fast transfer rates, as data consumers will shun slower providers.

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Download the submission (pdf)


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