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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Did Michael Meacher paraphrase this blog in phone hacking debate yesterday?!

I applaud Michael Meacher's contribution to yesterday's phone hacking debate in the House of Commons.  There was one particular section of his speech I couldn't agree more with. In fact I felt as though I could have almost written it myself...

Hansard 6 July 2011 : Column 1577

The combination of News Corporation and BSkyB will be in a position to distort or bend competition through cross-promotion, price bundling, preventing rivals from advertising and other distortions in the advertising market. The fact is that none of those issues, which are crucial to the question of competitiveness, was even considered by the Secretary of State. That is the decisive reason why he should reconsider.

(my bold)

@s_r_o_c 17th March 2011

The proposed deal could put News Corporation in a position to give discounted, bundled or preferential access for Sky Broadband subscribers to its online news titles; in particular its non-free services such as The Times, News of The World and The Daily (iPad newspaper).
This dominant position could adversely effect other publishers in the online news sector if News Corporation chose to promote News Corporation's online titles to Sky Broadband customers (so-called "cross-promotion" deals). It may also give News Corporation a dominant position in the sale of advertising slots should the company decide to offer cross-media deals providing TV, online and printed newspaper advertising; and this may have an adverse impact on competition in the market for advertising.
Whoever said blogging to change the world was a waste of time?


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