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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Poll: blogs and advertising

According to my own research there are an estimated 22 million active blogs with sufficient monthly traffic to be ranked by web traffic monitoring companies such as Alexa and Hitwise.

As for the total number of blogs, it's anyone's guess - estimates range from 100 million to half a billion.  Gartner claimed at the end of 2006 that the number of blogs would "level out" at 100 million, adding that 200 million people had already given up writing their blogs!

My question is:
If I put unobtrusive advertising on my blog, would that affect your perception of me and the issues I raise?
You can vote here until midday next Tuesday, 14th June.

Of course my own interest is twofold, but self-interest is only a minor factor.  Of course we've all got to eat!  But I doubt adverts on this blog would cover my  modest beer bill, never mind the mortgage...

My main interest is from a digital policy perspective.  Questions like: where is this abundance in content going to end up?  Will approximately the same number of "celebrities" emerge, and will the rewards remain approximately equal to "analogue" "celebrity" writers/commentators/journalists?

And, (how) can online journalism (or "citizen journalism") be funded?  How far does the need to make money affect partiality in choosing the topics to cover, and how they are covered?

So:- please vote, and let me know how you feel!



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