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Friday, 10 June 2011

British Transport Police apologise to Emma after her escape from South West Trains

British Transport Police have today issued a statement saying:
"We fully understand the concerns and frustrations of passengers, particularly the heavily pregnant woman, and we are sorry if anyone felt our officers were not sympathetic to their plight."
 A press officer explained to me:
"Our clear priority is the safety of passenger safety and making sure they do not do anything that puts them or other persons at risk.

Even when power may seem to be off, some parts of the tracks can remain electrified.
Only last Saturday, a woman received serious burns after forcing open the doors of a stationary train and walking on tracks in South Croydon before coming into contact with the live rail"
We both appreciate the safety concerns and this statement.

UPDATE: 14:32 10/6/11 - A superintendent from British Transport Police has phoned Emma to personally apologise for any distress caused, and to listen to her experience as part of understanding how better to handle any similar incidents in future.

UPDATE: 12/6/11 - A SWT exec phoned Emma on Friday to apologise profusely, (note she didn't get to return his call until yesterday).  SWT have explained to both Emma and me that their review of the incident will be thorough, and look very carefully at all the issues leading to the stranding of passengers; especially communications and other specific customer service issues I raised when I first blogged about this.


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  1. Comments are closed as it's clear from discussion on Twitter and on my original post, there are strong views on both sides of this. Whether passenger action brought matters to a head or was reckless is something you'll have to discuss elsewhere, to prevent an all-out flame war!