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Monday, 2 May 2011

Osama gone: perspective, and electronic camouflage

For some reason I feel the need to express a couple of points about Osama's passing.

Firstly the reaction on Twitter seems to fall mostly into 2 camps - the victorious and the sceptical. (nb. I don't mean the capital-'S' Skeptical)

A very short bit of religious perspective please bear with me!

I've already seen mini flame wars, with catchphrases like An Eye for An Eye banded around.  Interesting that, in my vaguely religious upbringing, I was taught the meaning of Exodus 21 was that all responses must be proportionate, else the whole world would end up with no eyes and no teeth!  More about An Eye for An Eye from a mainly Jewish perspective from The November Coalition. From a Christian perspective I was also taught to turn the other cheek (Matthew 5).

(Apologies to all who don't give a stuff about the Bible, I thought it worth a quick look behind the scriptures...)

Specifically on the killing of Osama Bin Laden, this on balance probably was a proportionate response to the horrific attacks on New York.  But it's worth noting that the escalation - the non-proportional response - started nearly ten years ago and has resulted in death and destruction from 2 wars.

Enough of the religion, already!

Another interesting angle was hearing the BBC reporters on Radio 4 and BBC News talk about the speculation that Osama's compound had become "of interest" to US forces once it was discovered that such a plush and well-defended residence has no internet connection.

Putting questions of the veracity of this statement aside it's interesting to note that electronic silence can be as suspicious these days as frequent trips to the world's favourite online terrorist training resources.


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