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Monday, 25 April 2011

Pre-emptive arrests

London has seen too many protests;
to forestall trouble: pre-emptive arrests!
But arrest the Prince, that can’t be right?
The order’s correct, take him on sight!
Said deputy commander Mandy Sander,
As I met with the chief, in the back of her panda.
There can't be no trouble if the wedding's off,
echoed ops director Charlie McGoff.

We have a firm plan to prevent disorder,
We'll lock up them both if we need to avoid a,
Repeat of the disaster; the previous marriage,
Where sad lady Di met her end when her carriage;
Hit a brick wall at tremendous speed,
When perused by the paps in pursuit of greed..."

It was then that I realised that this was obscene,
A plan that would anger Her Highness the Queen;
And all loyal subjects awaiting the day,
When drunk under bunting they shout "hip hooray!".

A loyal patriot I made my way quick,
To broadcasting house - I knew a trick!
I was due live on air - just after ten,
A news report followed the sound of Big Ben!
I steadied my nerves as the big bell did chime,
And told of the anarchy unfolding in rhyme;
Behind the disruption, I told the nation...
- The Met Police Poet Association


The above is a guest contribution from our digital poet Billy Bytesworth

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