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Friday, 4 February 2011

Pod Delusion Episode 70 : *almost* a digital rights special!

I'm on this week's Pod Delusion talking about privacy implications of browser add-ons highlighted by the Bing copies Google spat..  But don't just skip to my section (15 minutes in, but seriously, don't skip...) as the whole show is excellent.

MP3 Download : Episode 70 on the Pod Delusion Blog

Completely by chance it's a bit of a digital rights special; with my good friend from student radio days Salim Fadhley talking about mesh networks such as the Serval Project, and how they can be used to route around censorship, with reference to the current situation in Egypt; and Alex Foster talking about the copyright implications from the community-run talking book service Librivox.org.

There's also excellent pieces on library closures by James O'Malley and  Kash Farooq drawing a distinction between Skepticism and Denialism.

Reggie from The Suburban Pirate joins James to talk about their campaign against library closures, and closes the show with an excellent dub track in support of democracy in Egypt, featuring John Farnham's barrel of a gun: "We're not gonna sit in silence, we're not gonna live with fear...."

Oh, and there's me - talking about privacy!  (Did I say that?!)


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