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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gas Leak Gridlock in Farnham

Severe traffic congestion currently in Farnham (as of 08:45 25th Nov) is due to a gas leak on the corner of Union Road and South Street, next to the Darjeeling restaurant .  The right hand lane is closed and it's not possible to get onto Union Road from South Street.

Thanks to a tip from my twitter spies @knockbuckle @EmmaBandey @JHHYPNOTHERAPY and @AbigailH I went on a quick reconnaissance mission.  The worst affected routes are heading into Farnham town centre from the west along West Street, from the east along East Street (yes, the town does have imaginatively named streets) and there are also very long queues coming into town from the north down --- Castle Street.

The problem is not being helped by cars attempting (and executing rather badly) 3-point turns in the bottom half of South Street in the coned area pictured, holding up traffic who want to get to the bypass.  The official diversion takes drivers onto the bypass, down to the Coxbridge roundabout and back to South Street, so it's little wonder drivers want to avoid a 2.2 mile diversion.

The south of Farnham is relatively unaffected, with the normal queues but traffic moving relatively freely on the bypass.  The area around the station is no busier than usual at this hour - if anything it's a bit quieter.

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