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Monday, 8 November 2010

Caesar's Camp filming mystery, and an 8-tentacled clue

Following in the Farnhamwood vein a mystery is developing.  Yet another movie is being filmed on the outskirts of Farnham, this time on the military ground around the Caesar's Camp/Beacon Hill area just north of the A287 at the top of Folly Hill.

But there's mystery and confusion over what's being filmed. Judging by the amount of trucks, lights, cars and people on set it's certainly not a low budget indy film or TV production.

I spoke to three dog walkers, all of whom claim to have been told something slightly different by security guards.  One claimed it was a world war 2 film whilst the other a cold war film. The third said it was "The Ice Men or something to do with the cold".

Carrying a camera and having previously received threats and abuse from security guards at the film set in Bourne Wood (despite being on a public bridleway) I decided not to approach the guards - especially since I wasn't as sure about access rights to this land owned by the MOD.

But I did snap a clue - an 8-tentacled clue on this tank carrying a futuristic-looking laser weapon:
I'm not a huge action comic fan but I do know Dr Octopus AKA Dr Otto Gunther Octavius is a recurring villain in several Marvel Comics stories.

A quick search of IMDB revealed Captain America: The First Avenger is not only being filmed at the moment but lists Aldershot (as well as Bourne Woods) as filming locations.

That said, I did note the cast list didn't include the character Octavius/Dr Octopus.

A further search revealed another Marvel Comics movie currently in filming, X-Men: First Class.  UK filming locations are listed, including a wind tunnel in nearby Farnborough, but not Farnham, nor Aldershot, and there's no Octavius listed in this film either.

If you have any more info on this mystery please let me know via the comments below, or email editorial@slightlyrightofcentre.com

UPDATE 08/11 22:11 Thanks to comment from PaulH below, Octopus logo clearly visible in shot on IMDB from Captain America: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1957070592/tt0458339

UPDATE 10/11 21:05 Seems the guards are telling people the film is called "Frostbite", which, according to this website, as actually the code name for the Captain America movie.



  1. It's defo looking like Captain America: The First Avenger. Checkout Photo 8 on this page (link below) of the motorbikes and the Octopus logo on their arms...

    Late tonight I walked over from g/f's house (2 mins away from Ceaser's camp) and watched either a dress rehearsel or 2 fully filmed takes of tanks, troop carrying vehicles and about 50 "soldiers" storming through the metal fence. There was plenty of flames, gunfire and "bombs" going off. Each take lasted about 25 secs!

    Access is uninhibited, but I did make sure I was hidden behind the gorse.

  2. OOPS! Cycled through the set tonight with LEDs blazing...mid 'storm' scene...hope I didn't mess it up...

  3. Nothing to do with Doc Ock...it's the symbol for the evil HYDRA organization in the Marvel Universe. ;)

  4. I live in fleet and my mum drove onto the set, i was told by a gaurd that they were filming frostite. I also saw tanks bearing that logo.

  5. sorry i meant frostbite

  6. Seems that Frostbite is the codename for the Captain America movie, according to this website:


  7. feel free to look at the pics i took yesterday (Wed) when they were packing up



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