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Friday, 29 October 2010

Ungrump: Well done Southern Gas Networks

Credit where credit's due. Station Hill in Farnham was re-opened yesterday afternoon, a full 3 days ahead of schedule. Also traffic disruption during the works was far less than I'd feared, mainly because Approach Road to the north of the railway station was kept open (despite this map indicating it may be closed).

In my defence I did in my original post make heavy use of qualifiers and disclaimers but I'll hold my hands up and say yey! And thank God the disruption wasn't as bad as I'd feared whilst congratulating Southern Gas Networks for finishing ahead of schedule.



  1. You know those signs can be hacked ;-)

    See Internet for details :-p

  2. I didn't, but thanks! And, as publisher of this blog I cannot condone any such behaviour, of course.


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