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Monday, 25 October 2010

Spielberg on location, Bourne Woods, Farnham?

There's a different blog post brewing, about how I was unlawfully threatened with arrest, having my camera confiscated and called an "arrogant shite" (all in front of witnesses) by security guards protecting the filming in Bourne Woods, despite being stood on a public bridleway unaffected by a footpath closure order currently in place in the area.

So how good did I feel when I find who I'm fairly sure is Steven Spielberg himself, albeit at the extreme end of the range of my lens.  Take a look:



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  1. They are filming War Horse... They were pretty friendly to me every morning when I was walking my dog...

  2. In 2001 Steven Spielberg was in Bourne Woods for 2 days filming 'Band of Brothers'. Hardly anyone was aware they were there and as it poured with rain both days there were no crowds watching either. I took my 3 sons to see what was happening and after an hour patiently watching them repeat the same short segment again and again we were approached by Steven himself who offered us tea and drinks from the catering vehicle as we looked wet and cold!


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