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Thursday, 16 September 2010

URGENT: Farnham mass walk to help protect local fields from development

The Farnham Herald today reports that these fantastic fields behind the UCA are under threat from developers.  The paper suggests permission could be sought for 200 or more homes, and names Wimpey as a developer with an option to build on the land.

UPDATE 18/09/10: The field under threat is not the field pictured, but a field to the south and west (bottom left of the picture).  Apologies for any confusion, original communication sent to me described the location as "behind UCA".

The fields were ploughed this summer, erasing all traces of footpaths which criss-cross the site.  My wife and I tried to walk back into Farnham via this route earlier in the summer and found it impossible to pick up our usual path (as per the update the above field was also ploughed earlier this summer).

Local residents have suggested the ploughing may be a tactic to deter walkers accessing the fields and therefore prevent the argument that the fields are used for recreation being used when planning permission is sought, however a local farmer who leases the field denied this in an interview with the Herald.

How you can help - urgent appeal

A "mass walk" and photo shoot with The Farnham Herald will be held this Saturday, 18th September at 10am.

The North West Farnham Residents' Association need as many people as possible to attend, please be encouraged to bring your family, children and dogs.

Meet promptly at 10am at the field entrance which is at the entrance to the University car park, just off Beavers road for the photo, then the official footpaths will be walked for approx 20 minutes for those who can stay.



  1. Farnham could do with 200 homes though, especially 40% of them affordable. Shouldn't Farnham be looking at the edge of settlement options with some realism, given there is hardly any brownfield sites left?

  2. Hi Blayz, I have a great deal of sympathy and see the council does have to balance conservation with housing needs, but this location is rather idyllic and quite unlike any of Farnham's other green spaces and the view, pictured, from south Farnham across to the fields is beautiful.

    At the very least the mass walk will help make a statement that these paths are used. If a planning application is then submitted, the views and facts from both sides can be considered.


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