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Monday, 13 September 2010

Station Hill to be closed for 6 weeks from 20th September 2010

Potential traffic chaos to hit Farnham and yes, that's next week!

A resident of Southern Way sent me a tip that twice rescheduled gas main replacement works have now been rescheduled to start 20th September.

Local business owners and residents I interviewed over the weekend are displeased to say the least.  This afternoon I put their concerns to a spokesman from Southern Gas Networks who will be carrying out the works.  I'll write more about this tomorrow once I have comment from Surrey County Council. You can read more on this here.

The closure of Station Hill has the potential to bring severe traffic congestion throughout South Farnham, especially during the morning and evening commute.

First scheduled for spring 2010 the works were postponed after local residents expressed concern at the knock-on effect on nearby routes - already busy - being used as a diversion.

The works were rescheduled for summer during the school holidays, a period when evening and morning peak traffic levels in many urban areas drop-off due to the combined effect of school closures and commuters taking holiday over the summer.

But the rescheduled works conflicted with the closure over summer of Weydon Lane for bridge maintenance work, leaving Station Hill the one remaining (practical) diversion route for high vehicles, which cannot use the low bridge on the A325 at Wrecclesham.

Residents are surprised by the lack of notice and signage - I'll pick this up tomorrow - but some did recently receive a flyer from Southern Gas Networks. Content in the following images is the property and responsibility of Southern Gas Networks, reproduced below in full given the clear public interest.

UPDATE 14/Sept: large electronic "matrix" signs were erected on local routes Monday 13th September.

Click image to enlarge

The following is an enlargement from the map distributed by Southern Gas Networks:


  1. Looking at your enlarged map, wouldn't want to live on Bridgefield or The Fairfield! They look to be cut off for the 6 weeks (though surely there will be an unpublicised escape up Approach Rd to Firgrove Hill).
    Am in two minds about timing - and let's be honest it will be an inconvenience whenever it happens. As a cyclist, as I know you are, I am hoing that those dangerous potholes (there since the winter snow) level with the petrol station on the other side of the road will be sorted at the same time. Otherwise we're reliant on the useless Surrey CC Highways getting its act together - some chance!

  2. Yes but Chris - sure this work needs doing at some time but there doesn't seem to have been any serious consideration of the impact on diversion routes. The "official" diversion down to Coxbridge will surely be usurped by rat-runners cutting through Weydon and Firgrove.

    Traffic on Arthur Road is already bad enough at peak times with queues to get out onto Firgrove hill and the menace of parked cars. How will this cope with additional traffic cutting down Arthur road and the increase of traffic down Firgrove Hill?

    Have temporary parking restrictions and/or temporary traffic lights at the junction of Arthur Road, Alfred Road and Firgrove Hill been considered, for example?

    I'm not at all happy that enough preparation has been done and by the absence of notices at Station Hill before this week it seems to me like a rush job.

  3. This is going to be a disaster because all the traffic will be funnelled past no less than five local schools in south Farnham.

    I predict gridlock on the 287. Think I'll have to take a 6 week holiday in the Costa...

  4. @JamesFirth arrgh WRT Station Hill - thx for posting. Its been bad enough with Weydon Lane closed

  5. @JamesFirth not to mention school run chaos as all those cars squeeze thru wrecclesham #Farnham


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