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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

News Management, Baby Cam and the IFS Budget Report

The Institute of Fiscal Studies bills itself on its own website as Britain's leading independent microeconomic research institute.  The website also goes on to proclaim: We don't have politically motivated sugar daddies.

I have just one simple question: why would an independent research institute with no political motivation choose to release a politically sensitive report to the media under embargo for release on or after 12:01am this very morning?

Some government data such as school league tables and other complex data sets are released under embargo to give news outlets time to digest and present a complex data set to the public, yet most embargoes are just a simple PR tool to maximise press coverage by timing the release of the story.

Baby Flo Cam Under Fire Already

The news management of this story irked me, but it was this Tweet from UNISON head of press Mary Maguire which got me so mad - I just had to blog it!
I'm a bit lost for words.  Maybe I don't need to say much more about the left claiming the Camerons engaged in news management by naming their baby Florence the day after it was born, the baby not being due until next month and all that...


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  1. The IFS has simply confirmed what was clear all along: this government's fiscal policies are regressive and no amount of political spin about "fairness" is going to conceal that fact.
    I don't recall Osborne questioning the IFS' independence when he was in opposition and happy to quote its criticisms of the previous government's actions. It's just as well that it is independent; if it were a quango, no doubt the current government would abolish it

    As for Clegg, he should have stayed with Compo and Foggy; he's out of his depth as Deputy Prime Minister.


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